Six Years of Komunitas Penjaga Pulau (2009 – 2015) and Still Counting!

^^^2009 to 2015 and still counting! ^^^

If our organisation is a human, then age of six years old is still a child, but a child who has learned a lot of new things such as learning how to read, how to make friends, learning how to balance when biking, and a lot more to come.

As an organisation, we are quite similar to the child. We have tried and learned from our activities, we have made friends with many young people, many communities, governmental institutions, the local media, schools, and some donors. And hopefully a lot more to come.

Below is a summary of what Komunitas Penjaga Pulau has accomplished in its six years old:

2009: Climate Goes To School

2010: Environmental Journalism Training

2011: Youth Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis towards Coral Reef Destruction

2012: Youth-Based Coral Reef Conservation Action Plan

2013: (1) Youth-Based Coral Nursery

(2) Marine Eco-Learning Programme for Youth

(3) Ecogarden

2014: Building Consensus to Establish Environmental Education Center

2015: (1) Forest Resources Conservation for Youth in Batulanteh Watershed

(2) Strengthening the management of KABETE Education Center

We are thankful to all involved.

Thank you to the donors for their generous support: The Rufford Foundation, The Van Tienhoven Foundation, The USAID, The Conservation and Leadership Programme, and the British Council Indonesia.

Thank you to the Marine and Fisheries Agency of Sumbawa District and the Regional Planning Board (BAPPEDA) of Sumbawa District for their openness to our ideas.

Thank you to all the young people involved, schools, and local communities for their enthusiasm and trust.

Read more detailed information on each project in separate posts.


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