Climate Goes To School (2009)

Year: 2009

Aim: To increase young people’s knowledge and awareness about climate change issues.
Activity: In 2009, we visited senior high school across Sumbawa District to share about the causes and impacts of climate change, with special emphasis on the impacts for rural areas.
Target group: Senior high school students. Around 7 schools were visited (e.g. SMAN 1 Sumbawa, SMAN 2 Sumbawa, SMAN 3 Sumbawa, SMKN 1 Sumbawa, SMAN 1 Lape, SMAN 1 Plampang, and SMAN 1 Empang).
Stakeholders involved: Schools.
Outcome: Increased knowledge and awareness about climate change in rural context.
Follow up: Seeing their enthusiasm during the presentation and discussion, Komunitas Penjaga Pulau decided to conduct environmental education for youth with a particular focus on coral reef conservation.
Participant’s quote:
“I am wondering why this activity has just been conducted today? Because what has been presented can change the way young generation thinks about the earth, nature, climate, etc to appreciate our earth.” Rina Kurniawati, SMAN 1 Lape


Thank you to The British Council Indonesia for their generous support in this project.


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