Building consensus to establish marine conservation education center


2014 – 2016


The overall goal of the project is to rehabilitate the coral reefs around the north coast of Sumbawa Island through the establishment of a marine resources conservation education center. The project took place in the Kramat, Bedil, and Temudong (KABETE) Marine Conservation Area in Labuhan Bajo Village, Utan Sub-district, Sumbawa District, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.


Multistakeholders meeting (April 2015) attended by representatives from The Marine and Fishery Agency of Sumbawa District, The Regional Planning Board, The Public Work, The Environment Agency, The Tourism Agency, The Education Agency, The Govenrment of Utan Subdistrict, The Government of Labuhan Bajo Village, The Labuhan Bajo Village Community Representative (Badan Permusyawarahan Desa), The University of Samawa, The Marine Forces of the Republic of Indonesia (Labu Pade Field Station), and the Penjaga Pulau Community.

Multistakeholders meeting

 Community meeting in Labuhan Bajo Village (April 2015) for signing their written commitment to support the establishment of Environmental Education Center and the use of the KABETE marine conservation areas for educational purposes.

Signing written commitment

Making legal framework for the education center to operate in the areas. The Head of the Labuhan Bajo Village has issued a decree acknowledging the education center and the local youth managing the education center.

Meetings with the selected local youth to discuss about the education center’s vision, missions, goal, name, logo, work plan, and management plan. (May – June 2015).


Developing the Management Plan of The Environmental Education Center.


Community meeting to share about the education center’s vision, missions, goals, name, and work plan with wider community and Consulting fishers to devote areas for restoration for educational purposes.

Community Meeting

Restoration for educational purposes in the agreed site (ongoing)

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  • Education materials

Download Buku modul kabete

Download Petunjuk Identifikasi Mangrove Kabete

  • Restoration media


  • The written commitment to support the establishment of environmental education center was signed by the head of Labuhan Bajo Village, community leader representatives from Labuhan Bajo Village and Pukat Village, the head of Labuhan Bajo Village House of Representatives (Badan Permusyawarahan Desa), and the representatives from the young people of Labuhan Bajo and Pukat villages.
  • The Education Center is established. It is called “KABETE EDUCATION CENTER”. The structure is agreed by the community. The vision, mission, goal, and work plan have been agreed by the community. The village office has issued a decree to acknowledge the education center and the youth managing it.
  • Restoration zone for educational purposes is agreed.

Follow Up

  • Strengthening the KABETE Education Center (developing monitoring protocols and mechanism, database management, empowering local youth to undertake edu-tourism, etc.)

We would like to thank:

The Van Tienhoven Foundation for its grant which made this project possible. The support from the Van Tienhoven foundation has significantly enabled the local community in Labuhan Bajo Village to build consensus to devote areas for education and restoration. The support has also allowed the establishment of KABETE education center with the local youth as the main actors. The support has enabled the local youth to increase their knowledge and skills which are essential for them in running the education center in the long term.

The people of Labuhan Bajo Village and Pukat village who have been very enthusiastic and supportive.

The Marine and Fishery Agency of Sumbawa District who has facilitated multistakeholders meeting involving relevant governmental agencies and has been very helpful and cooperative.

Everyone who has been very helpful that we cannot mention one by one.


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