Light for Remote Areas in Sumbawa

With the donation from the Panasonic Corporation, Penjaga Pulau Community distributed 200 solar lanterns to various remote areas in Sumbawa during the period of March 2017 – July 2017.

From this distribution, we learn that solar lantern is a simple thing but it can mean a lot when the electricity is non-existing or unstable. It helps children study at night. It can light up the mosque. It can be a comfortable companion for farmers who need to spend their night watching their farm field from wild boar or other animals at night.


Komunitas Penjaga Pulau would like to thank the Panasonic Corporation for the generous support of 200 solar lanterns.

Our sincere gratitude to all who have helped in the distribution of the solar lanterns to various isolated areas in Sumbawa.

Our appreciation to the people of Prode, Empang Bua, Kalimango, Baturotok, Pekasa, Pulau Bedil, Kabete Education Center, and Universitas Samawa for their openness and hospitality.

We believe that sharing something good such as the solar lanterns will bring good changes as well.


cover solar lantern
Getting to Pekasa Hamlet, Lunyuk Village




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