Do you care about your waste print?

Pernah berfikir ke mana sampah mu berakhir? Berapa lama tas plastik atau botol plastik yang kamu gunakan hari ini akan hilang? Apa dampaknya jika sampah masuk ke laut? Apa yang bisa kita lakukan?

Ever wonder where your waste ends up? How long till the plastic bag or bottle you use today gone? What are the impacts for the marine environment if it arrives there? What can we do?

infografis final-1

On July 2018, forty young people from ten community groups attended training on waste management with 3R concept coordinated by Wiwin Iswandi with the support from the Rufford Foundation. During the training, we learned about the current state of waste, their impacts, and how we can change waste to worth using the 3R concept. See the training module here.

What is 3R? 3R stands for Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. It is simple and easy to practice!

After the training, we developed a 3R campaign strategy taking into considerations the assets of the ten community groups and other relevant stakeholders such as Dinas Lingkungan Hidup Kab.Sumbawa, Dinas Pariwisata Kab. Sumbawa, Bappeda Kab. Sumbawa, Dinas Permukiman dan Perumahan Rakyat Kab. Sumbawa, Surat Kabar Harian Gaung NTB, Wildlife Conservation Society, and Bank Sampah Induk Sumbawa Techno Park. The strategy was discussed with relevant stakeholders on July 2018 at Hotel Suci, Sumbawa Besar. See the campaign strategy: FINAL_ STRATEGI KAMPANYE 3R


Check out the campaign soon!


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